Shatter: A Less Common Type of CBD

These days, CBD is available in many formulations that you are probably becoming familiar with.

Oils, tinctures, edibles, and creams have become mainstream. There are other more unusual forms, however. One of these that you may be curious about is known as shatter. The name shatter sounds a little strange. What is it exactly and how is it used?

Keep reading below to find the answers to your questions.

The Basics of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a type of isolate, which is a pure CBD product that contains no other cannabinoids or compounds. It is very similar to another CBD isolate product known as wax, but with a harder consistency. The consistency of shatter is where it gets its name. Its brittle texture easily breaks into pieces. In a shatter, CBD takes on a solid state that is consumed by a vaping method known as “dabbing.” We will go into exactly how it’s done a little later on.

A shatter is made from cannabinoids that have been extracted from hemp and filtered until only the CBD remains. It requires a lot of processing. After the extraction and filtration process is complete, the isolate is left to set into a shatter in a temperature- and light-controlled environment.

CBD isolates all have a similar potency, so the decision of which one to use is a matter of preference.Shatter is distinctive, and not suitable for everyone. Let’s discuss the options below.

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What is a CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolates are CBD products that have been specifically formulated so that they contain nothing other than CBD. There are no other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, or active compounds remaining in the final product. They are the opposite of full-spectrum CBD products, which retain as many of the active ingredients of the hemp plant as possible. CBD isolate most often comes as a powder, but there are other forms as well, such as waxes, crystals, and shatters.

We’ve discussed some of the differences between CBD isolates and other products here if you’d like more information on the topic.

Manufacturers of CBD isolates must first start by extracting the full scale of cannabinoids from the plant.

They then begin a process of repeated filtration until all that remains is CBD. The result is usually at least 90% CBD. In some cases, terpenes are added back into the product for the additional benefits they provide. These products are rare and have an even rarer name – terpsolate.

Isolates can be sold as gummies, capsules, tinctures, etc., but are most often found as powders.

Waxes and shatters are a little less well-known. The two (wax and shatter) are commonly confused because they share a lot of similarities.

What’s the Difference?

The resemblance is strong.

Wax and shatter are similar in many ways beyond how they look. The way they are each produced is almost identical. They are the same amber color, are both highly potent, and both are even consumed in the same way. The consistency of wax is somewhat softer, as the name implies. Its color can be a little cloudier, whereas the color of shatter is a bit glossier.

In the end, there is not really that differentiates between these two products. They are almost interchangeable.

How is Shatter Consumed?

It’s important not to make the mistake of cooking with shatter. It is not ideal for cooking because the heat can potentially damage the CBD content and reduce its effectiveness. For cooking purposes, stick with CBD in other forms. Oils and powders are ideal for this.

CBD Shatter is consumed by a unique method known as “dabbing.” With this method, a small amount of shatter is quickly heated, which causes it to vaporize. The vapor is immediately inhaled. Anytime a CBD product is vaporized and inhaled, it falls into the category of smoking.

Let’s explain exactly how this is done. There is some specific equipment necessary to carry this out. A dab rig is the best place to start because it’s designed specifically for the process. It is a special water pipe that vaporizes very concentrated forms of CBD or THC.

There are different types on the market, but each one typically contains a piece called a nail on top of which the shatter is placed to be heated. Placing the shatter onto the nail is called dabbing. This is done with a small tool called – you guessed it – a dabber, which is used to attach the shatter to the nail. The nail can be made of glass, quartz, or titanium, and can vary in size. Sometimes the part of the rig containing the nail can be enclosed within a domed lid to keep everything in place and ensure that none of the concentrate is lost during use.

Dab rigs vary in size and design, but this is the basic setup. It is really just a specialized bong, with a few extra parts to make it work for dabbing.



What are the Benefits?

The benefits of shatter relate more to its composition than its effect. It has a much longer shelf life than other CBD products because of its structural stability. You won’t need to worry about your product degrading or losing quality over time.

Inhaled CBD products are also considered more bioavailable than certain others. When vaporized and inhaled, the effects of CBD can be felt more quickly, and possibly are more effective. It reaches the lungs directly and interacts with the endocannabinoid system right away. This is most likely the number one benefit of using a shatter over other methods. This study has shown that vaping CBD products can increase their bioavailability by up to 56%.

At this point in the world of CBD, there is still a lot that needs to be scientifically proven about the benefits. But scores of users will attest to them. The internet is full of anecdotal evidence supporting its efficacy, and business is booming because so many people feel that CBD is helping them in their pursuit of wellness.

It’s important to note that shatter, as an isolate, does not have the entourage effect associated with full-spectrum CBD products. Shatter is a pure, concentrated form of CBD, which is known to be the most beneficial cannabinoid in hemp. But the hemp plant contains hundreds of other cannabinoids and active compounds that are thought to have an even greater advantage when taken together. This has been dubbed by researchers and connoisseurs as the entourage effect. If this interests you, you’d be better off perusing the full- or broad-spectrum products available.

Now You Know

For those who just like vaping and experimenting with various forms, shatter is a great choice.

Its potency and purity are a plus.

It takes rapid effect, and the shatter won’t easily degrade. Take care, when dabbing, to follow the instructions for your rig carefully.

You’ll be dealing with hot tools and it can take a little practice to figure it out. If those considerations don’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other ways to try CBD. That said, shatter is a very specific vaping product that holds a unique place on the market. If you are and adventurous type, this might be an interesting way to explore CBD.